• END5129S: Sustainable water management in Africa

    The course has been designed to equip the next generation of critical thinkers to consider Africa’s increasingly complex water challenges. It challenges participants to consider water in new ways, develop the tools to do so and equip them with the skills to apply their learnings in different contexts. This course adopts an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary (IDTD) approach to examine the complexity of current water crises, trends and conditions, with specific examples from the African continent. While considering water demand, supply and treatment, it addresses the need to derive maximum benefit from water resources while incurring minimum burden and the need to secure ‘new taps’ in a Water Sensitive context. 

    Topics include: • integrated urban water management and Water Sensitive Urban Design • social impacts and health concerns • wastewater treatment and remediation practices • anthropological impacts on water quality • the role of water in the social fabric and the under-pinning of sustainable livelihoods considering culture, privilege and inequality • the IDTD research paradigm in integrated water management • water-food-energy nexus • resource recovery and the circular economy • linkages to Sustainable Development Goals

  • Making Waveforms (Short Course)

    Making Waveforms is an outdoor-education-meets-art-activism program championing global water justice hosted by Rhodes University's Environmental Learning Research Centre in collaboration with THE FUTURE WATER INSTITUTE. Through experiential learning, demonstrations and a number of field trips (e.g., water sports, riverside soundwalks), participants are asked to explore their relationships with water. They are paired with local Knowledge Keepers and are tasked with building meaningful connections over a period of five weeks, to create short, site-specific videos to raise awareness about the importance of healthy waterways. 

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  • 1003 water-sensitive cities: prospects for Cape Town

    In 2018, Dr Kevin Winter coordinated a course at the UCT Summer School, called "1003 water-sensitive cities: prospects for Cape Town".

    Below are key presentations from the course, as well as two other relevant presentations: