Bridging Waters came about as a need to talk about Water Sensitivity in a transdisciplinary way.

The point of Bridging Waters was to link with whomever and whatever we deem interesting and relevant to making the city a better place to live (through the water lens, but everything is affected by water so that's fine), in an informal, comfortable conversation.

Details on events:

5 September 2017 : "What does water mean to landscape architects"

22 February 2018 : The Importance of Trees in Liveable Cities.

19 April 2018: Creating a water sensitive culture (the psychology of water related behaviour change, including enjoyment (Conserve, Value, Enjoy.))

14 June 2018: The economics of water sensitive design

23 August 2018: What is a catchment (How do civil engineers see this, estuarine managers? ecologists? urban planners? How do their views differ?)