This page will bring you through the exhibit as it was presented between 30 November - 2 December 2022.

Water and you flyer

First, people walked in to a welcoming sign that explained the exhibit. It read as follows:

Water and you welcome entryway

Then a wide range of different installations around the main ground floor were available - click here for a full pdf of the various spaces.

The Source to Sea Mural, next to the Museum of Watery Relations display of water drops formed the backdrop to the interactive sound creation station called Riverbeats; next to that open spaces for discussion, and art works submitted by climate change and lab scientists. In the opposite corner a music video in the making was looking for willing members of the public to contribute to lip-syncing the lyrics of the song, focused on Cape Town's water (video underway - check back here for a link in the future). Upstairs in the venue, publics were invited to create a water drop to contribute to the Museum of Watery Relations, and were given the option to develop water focused maps, or body maps.

This document provides the descriptions available throughout the room, and below are a gallery of photos from the First Thursday event held in the space, and a few clips here and here to get a sense of the space and events.