This pages highlights useful articles in the South African news media that gives reliable information about the water crisis, along with statistics of interest.

February 2018:

Presentation at UCT about the water crisis (12 February 2018)

Kirsty Carden, Tom Sanya, Samuel Fuhrimann, Neil Armitage and Bernelle Verster, amongst others, recently attended the African Centre for Cities (ACC) International Urbanism Conference. GroundUp wrote up the lively discussion that occurred around the panel about water smart cities, health and global change:

Interviews by Future Water associates:

Interview Date FW member interviewed Media
20-Apr-18 Bernelle Verster 1001 SA Stories: Telling stories around water (podcast)
13-Apr-18 Bernelle Verster SABC3 Expresso Show: Saving water with a dry toilet (youtube)
14-Mar-18 Dyllon Randall BBC Radio: Urine and fertiliser
13-Mar-18 Neil Armitage Groundup: How Cape Town more than halved its water usage
12-Mar-18 Kirsty Carden PBS Newshour - tv interview
26-Feb-18 Kirsty Carden US Public radio - interview
22-Feb-18 Dyllon Randall Daily Maverick: The value of urine in a water sensitive future
22-Feb-18 Bernelle Verster SAfm
21-Feb-18 Kirsty Carden Weekly international affairs program L’Effet Papillon, Canal Plus channel (France) - documentary
21-Feb-18 Kirsty Carden Danish newspaper
21-Feb-18 Kirsty Carden, Bernelle Verster Leadabroad - skype interview
21-Feb-18 Neil Armitage Al jazeera English show Inside Story 
16-Feb-18 Dyllon Randall SABC3 Expresso: Urine recycled into fertilizers and bricks
12-Feb-18 Kirsty Carden (EenVandaag) on the Dutch public tv network (NPO1)
12-Feb-18 Kirsty Carden Global Citizen - written responses to questions
9-Feb-18 Neil Armitage, Bernelle Verster O Globo (Brazil) - newspaper article
9-Feb-18 Kirsty Carden BBC World Service, The Inquiry - radio interview
8-Feb-18 Kirsty Carden ABC Radio National, Melbourne - radio interview (Skype)
8-Feb-18 Kirsty Carden Catalan newspaper 'Ara' ( - email responses for print article
8-Feb-18 Jess Fell  Ukrainian weekly “Novoye vremya” - email responses for print article
7-Feb-18 Kirsty Carden Liza Fabbian, Radio France Internationale - radio interview
7-Feb-18 Kirsty Carden New Scientist, London - print
7-Feb-18 Kevin Winter TRT World (Australia) - TV interview for The Newsmakers
7-Feb-18 Bernelle Verster Business Insider SA
6-Feb-18 Neil Armitage Tasneem Adams, Voice of the Cape breakfast show - radio interview
6-Feb-18 Kirsty Carden The Norwegian Business Daily - telephone interview
5-Feb-18 Kirsty Carden Mario Borrego Walker, Radio Nacional de España - radio interview
5-Feb-18 Kevin Winter, Martine Visser Monique Nazareth, Knowledge@Wharton - telephone interview
5-Feb-18 Neil Armitage Marcia Klein, Bloomberg Environment - telephone interview
5-Feb-18 Bernelle Verster Heart FM - radio interview
3-Feb-18 Kirsty Carden Yahoo News - online
3-Feb-18 Kirsty Carden The Guardian (Guardian Cities) - video
2-Feb-18 Kirsty Carden Associated Press - video / print
2-Feb-18 Kirsty Carden Rosa Lyster, Pacific Standard
1-Feb-18 Kevin Winter  Interview for Nature (VO L 5 5 4 | N AT U R E | 1 3)
1-Feb-18 Neil Armitage Michael Mehaffy, Future of Places Research Network, KTH University - telephone interview
1-Feb-18 Kirsty Carden / Neil Armitage Sean O'Toole, GroundUp - print
31-Jan-18 Neil Armitage CCFM Afternoon drive time show
31-Jan-18 Kirsty Carden Midday report Cape Talk - radio
31-Jan-18 Kirsty Carden SABC3 Afternoon Express - TV
31-Jan-18 Kirsty Carden Gopolang Makou ( - print
30-Jan-18 Neil Armitage Marie Antelme, Coronation Fund Managers - presentation
30-Jan-18 Neil Armitage SABC News, Lotus FM - radio interview
30-Jan-18 Dyllon Randall CapeTalk: radio interview: UCT project turns recycled urine into fertiliser and bricks. Here's how
30-Jan-18 Kirsty Carden Dorothea Gibson, Konrad Adenauer Foundation - print
29-Jan-18 Kirsty Carden Roman Goergen, 'Spektrum der Wissenschaft', - print
29-Jan-18 Neil Armitage Garreth Van Niekerk, Huffington Post
26-Jan-18 Bernelle Verster Cape Talk John Maytham show
23-Jan-18 Bernelle Verster Radio Sonder Grense
28-Nov-17 Neil Armitage BBC
24-Nov-17 Neil Armitage Dutch documentary - Awaiting Water (video)
20-Sep-17 John Okedi Cape Talk John Maytham show


The Future Water Institute statement on the current water crisis can be found here:

Stormwater harvesting can help South Africa manage its water shortages - Kirsty Carden on the Conversation.

Future Cape Town article on moving towards a more water secure future:

Daily Maverick report back from the Water Indaba:

GroundUp series on the water crisis: