February 20, 2024:

We are very pleased to be able to start off this year’s Future Water research seminar series with a presentation from visiting Professor Mark Oelmann, from the University of Applied Sciences Ruhr West (HRW), Germany. As an economist (water and energy economics) and cultural anthropologist Mark is the spokesperson of the HRW research entity "Water Economics and Water Policy". He conducts economic and political studies on water related issues and deals with the various forms of water pricing (incl. dynamic pricing). Together with his team he is also involved in digitalisation topics (e.g. machine learning; change management). Prof Oelmann’s presentation brief outline is as follows:

The research revolves around demand side measures in given and anticipated water shortages. Already existing primary research shall be taken up to analyse the success of various measures and of economic instruments in particular. The goal is to identify the determinants and prerequisites that are central to the use of economic instruments. In addition the continuum of economic instruments are described and discussions shall display where the self-organizational power of groups can be relied upon.

You can access his presentation here. Please reach out to him if there are any queries via  Mark.Oelmann@hs-ruhrwest.de