The Water Hub's win in the Eco-logic awards covered by the Daily Maverick

22 Dec 2023 | By Amber Abrams
Water hub wins gold eco award 2023
22 Dec 2023 | By Amber Abrams

The Water Hub's recent win at the Eco-Logic awards has been covered in the Daily Maverick alongside the other Eco-Logic award winners.


"Dr Kevin Winter accepted the Gold Eco-Logic Award in the Water Conservation category for the University of Cape Town’s Water Hub. He was delighted at the acknowledgement that this work is gaining traction in South Africa as the hub transforms contaminated water using nature-based treatment processes and researches how it can be safely reused to benefit livelihoods and the receiving environment.

Speaking to Daily Maverick, Winter said: “We are learning to work with nature-based processes and not against nature. The Water Hub uses biomimicry to copy natural systems by filtering water, reducing elevated concentrations of nutrients and bacteria, and using this water for productive purposes, for example, irrigating food gardens. Water is the catalyst for supporting all forms of life and livelihood.”

Water reuse is expected to become a significant theme in South Africa’s future. Winter believes we need to learn how this can be done safely and without the addition of chemicals and non-renewable energy. 

The Water Hub is positioned as a living laboratory where researchers have an opportunity to learn by doing and to share their experiences with others who visit the site. Winter said “it is inspiring a new generation of young people to consider careers and opportunities in the water sector”.  " quoted from the Daily Maverick -  the article.